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10 Best Places To Visit In Rajasthan During Your Holiday


Planning for a holiday trip to Rajasthan and wondering for the places which you should not miss then you are on the right page. The state of India which is close to the Pakistan border. This wonderful Indian state is popular for its travel destination and also for its landscape. Although Rajasthan is covered with thar desert, you will be amazed to see the beauty of the aravallis mountains in this desert-covered state. Rajasthan is a state where you will find the huge rajputi culture due to which you will see various temples and palaces which have been created by rajput kings. Due to which you have heard people saying that Rajasthan is a land of kings. With the best quotation you can easily get various Rajasthan tour packages that will help you to cover the best places in Rajasthan.

Let’s read out the best 10 places to visit in Rajasthan during your holidays.

1. Mount Abu:

Rajasthan has its own hill station, quite weird to hear that a desert area also has a hill station called Mount Abu. you will see huge tourists here. This is a city which has wonderful spots with history. Among all the spots Nakki Lake is a place which you should not miss. Main thing to consider in mount abu is the climate. The other name of Mount Abu is Arbuda mountain. If you are looking for fun then try to rent a two wheeler for your local travel in Mount Abu you will enjoy a lot with nature. There are temples which are of the 12th century and the amazing thing there is the way they are carved from white marble. With a nominal expenditure, Mount Abu is the best place to visit in Rajasthan.

2. Bikaner:

In your Rajasthan tour packages add a city which is a research centre for camels, not only this Bikaner is famous for its historic forts, and palaces. Usually people believe that Bikaner is a foodie place specially in sweets. While discussing food make sure you have tried Kesar kulfi and ice dessert. This is amazing and will change your whole mood (i.e) your travelling stress will be gone. Don’t miss desert safaris, camel rides, landscape and local culture of bikaner. While we are discussing the places make sure you visit 16th century old Junagarh Fort.

3. Chittorgarh:

Not a chance to miss this beautiful city which is situated on berach river banks. It is an impressive attraction which catches the eye. In the 7th century the great Chittorgarh fort was built by seven gates; this huge fort is guarded. This fort is considered as India’s largest fort. You can cover Chittorgarh in a day but it will become a headache so if you want to enjoy it then take a 2 days stay in Chittorgarh. You can start from the 15th century old Victory Tower then plan for Rana Kumbha’s Palace which is a part of the fort and the temple of Meera. These all are the amazing places which you should not miss in your Chittorgarh visit.

4. Ranthambore:

In your Rajasthan holiday package your agency will include one of the top spots in the world to see tigers. The national park of Ranthambore is also known as a wildlife sanctuary. To visit the national park you can book a safari which will pick you from your hotel and drop you back there. For safari there are 2 vehicles gypsy and canter vehicles you can choose as per your no. of people. They will cover all your visits in Ranthambore. You will not only see tigers but there are other animals like sloth bears, hyenas, leopards, and many more in this wildlife sanctuary. Don’t forget to visit the 10th century old Ranthambore Fort and Ganesh temple.

5. Bundi:

A unique destination which is also popular for its step wells. Bundi has more than 50 step wells. The 15th century old Queen’s step well is the most famous which boasts more than 200 steps. As Rajasthan is covered with forts, Bundi has Taragarh fort which is from the 16th Century. Bundi also offers wildlife safaris at Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary. You need a day for Bundi in your Rajasthan tour packages.

6. Pushkar:

Pushkar is famous for majorly two things the camel fair and for the only temple of Brahma ji. You will be amazed to hear the story of this temple and why there is only one temple of Brahma ji in Asia. In hindu religion, the holy trinity Brahma ji is one third and pushkar is Brahma ji home. There are other temples as well which are devoted to Savitri, Vishnu and Shiva all have their special story which will excite you. Visiting Pushkar is not about just temples but you will see the beauty of aravali hills and you will get huge relaxation over here.

7. Jodhpur:

On the edge of the desert there is a beautiful city which is popularly known as blue city. As Rajasthan is famous for its history, here in Jodhpur you will see various temples and forts. Your holiday will be incomplete if you have not added your visit to 15th century Mehrangarh fort in your Rajasthan tour packages. The fort is not only old but among all the forts in Rajasthan this is the largest one. There is a famous temple of chamunda mataji which makes this fort a cherry on cake.

8. Jaipur:

The heart, the capital, the place to start your trip to Rajasthan all is Jaipur. While taking an itinerary for your holiday in Rajasthan. Jaipur will always come to your visit if it’s for a 2 or 3 days trip. In the golden triangle Jaipur comes in one corner. There are places in Rajasthan which are not that highlighted but you can visit there from Jaipur. The major forts which you should not miss are Nahargarh, Amber, and Jaigarh fort. Along with this there are city palaces, food, bazaars for shopping, and temples which are wonderful to explore. So, keep your days free in your Rajasthan holiday packages to explore Jaipur.

9. Jaisalmer:

The city is famous for its same coloured building that’s why it is known as the golden city. This remarkable city is on the thar desert fringes. The eye catching or you can say the attraction place here to visit in Jaisalmer fort. In your Rajasthan holiday packages for Rajasthan tour packages make sure to plan for jaisalmer. The night view is amazing and you will grab the best moment from your holiday. When you visit the fort you will see a whole new place there or you can say another part there or you can say another part of jaisalmer where private residences, restaurants and shops are there. In any other forts of India you won’t experience these things. If you are looking to shop in the fort you will have a fun experience. If we talk about temples then in the fort walls there are a handful of temples.

10. Udaipur:

Among all the best places to visit in Rajasthan, Udaipur is a must. You have heard a lot that Udaipur is known as the “City of Lakes”. So, by the name we can understand that the main attraction of udaipur is the lakes. Fateh sagar and pichola lake are the two biggest lakes. We believe that holidays are for relaxation and considering that we will suggest you to have any of your meal on the lake side view you will feel amazed to have that experience. Another highlighting spot for udaipur is the city palace where you will experience architectural style. Along with this there are temples, shrines, royal residences and a wonderful collection of art. If you are looking for the famous temple in udaipur to visit then Jagdish temple is the one which you should not miss. You will be amazed to know that this beautiful temple is the city landmark.

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