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Pleasant, Respectful and Helpful Driver Always the sort of thread title that makes Moderator alarm bells ring, as it is invariably a first post from someone claiming to be in Europe or USA but actually posting from India, and claiming to recommend a driver — whilst almost certainly being that driver
Last year for several weeks in January my wife and I traveled to several cities throughout Rajasthan. Our hotel secured the services of a driver for us; The driver was a young man perhaps in his late twenties, who we found to be most helpful, quite pleasant, knowleagable, respectful
Larry Jill
Little man big driver thanks for this tour thanks for your safe drive, thanks for your honesty and kindness we have found in you a great way to discover india
Smith Lious, PR. Team
Our stay in India is truly memorable & unique & pleasant…. thanks to our good driver , Ravi !
David Beckham, Footballer
We appreciate your kindness and Being pleasent and also your patience and flexibility with our .
James Gordon, Dentist
Thanks you very much for the great time in rajasthan we really enjoyed the time we spent with you you are excellent driver we always felt very safe in your car we wish you good luck and all the best.see you next time in India (or Germany)
Nachine & Kai, Manager
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